SAGER Thermal Sight for KORNET-E Anti-Tank Guided Missile

SAGER Thermal Sight for KORNET-E Anti-Tank Guided Missile

SAGER is a complete system solution that equips the Anti-Armor/Anti-Tank Missile Launchers with a modern, compact, low weight and cost effective Thermal Imaging Solution. It has a state-of-the-art, high performance Thermal Imaging Camera designed for Detection, Recognition and Identification of threats at long ranges during day, night and adverse weather conditions. Thermal Image of SAGER is viewed within the same sight channel of direct view optics of the KORNET-E via the Optical Collimator supplied within SAGER. SAGER has been successfully used with KORNET-E Anti-Tank Guided Missile System.

  • Anti-tank Missile Systems
  • Missile Firing Posts

General Specifications

  • Operation Mode Selection (Direct View or Thermal View)
  • Anti-blooming Feature
  • Image Enhancement Algorithm
  • Power On / Stand-By / Off Modes
  • Image Freeze Mode
  • Polarity Change
  • Electronical Boresight
  • Controls on the Sight
  • Easy-to-use Mechanical Mounting Interface


  • External Battery
  • External Battery Charger
  • Solar Battery Charger
  • AC/DC Adaptor
  • Video/ Power Cable

Power Interface

  • Li-ion Battery Source
  • DC Vehicle Source
  • 220V AC Source

Communication Interface

  • RS 232
  • Control Buttons on Sight
Technical Specifications



Cooled, 3 – 5 µm

Detector Format

640 x 512

Electronic Zoom


Field of View

Continuous Zoom Lens from Narrow to Wide FOV

Narrow FOV  : 2⁰X1.6⁰

Medium FOV : 2.9⁰X2.3⁰

Wide FOV     : 16.8⁰X13.5⁰

Cooldown Time

< 7 minutes

Video Output


Weight of SAGER (including battery)

< 7 kg

Battery Life

> 4 hours

*All specifications are within ± 10% tolerance
**Specifications are subject to change without any notice