SHARPEYE Hand-Held Electro-Optic Sensor

SHARPEYE Hand-Held Electro-Optic Sensor

Sharpeye is an advanced technology Hand-Held integrated Electro-Optical Sensor System. It is a state-of-the art product fulfilling the requirements of Target Acquisition in extensive ranges.

It offers different sensors in one compact and ergonomic design. It comprises of a high resolution Thermal Imaging Sensor, Color Day Camera, Eye-Safe Laser Range Finder, Laser Pointer, GPS Receiver and Digital Magnetic Compass.

Sharpeye’s software performs all calculations needed for Threats Locating with a simple push of a button. The operator locates his own position using the GPS Receiver and with a simple push of the Laser Range button threats are located and their corresponding coordinates are displayed with high accuracy. 

  • Border Surveillance
  • Situational Awareness
  • Reconnaissance
  • Special Forces
  • Fire Support
  • Law Enforcement

General Specifications

  • Motorized focus, FOV  and zoom adjustment
  • Automatic image optimization and image   enhancement
  • Coordinates of target are calculated in real time
  • Target coordinate transmission via radio
  • Data and image storage
  • Easy battery change
  • Shuttered eyecups
  • High resolution OLED display

Standard Accessories

  • Tripod with Manual Adjustment Unit
  • External Video Cable
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • External AC/DC Adapter
  • Eyecup
  • Lens Cover
  • Optical Cleaning Kit
  • Carrying Case
  • Transportation Case

Optional Accessories

  • Pirate – Head Mounted Display
  • Motorized Pan-Tilt
  • Remote Control Unit
  • 1.5X Magnifier Objective
Technical Specifications



640X512 MWIR (3 – 5 µm)

Cooldown Time

< 7 min 

Field of View

Continuous Zoom from NFOV to WFOV

WFOV: 16.8⁰X13.5⁰

MFOV: 6⁰X4.8⁰

NFOV: 2⁰X1.6⁰

Electronic Zoom


Laser Range Finder

Class 1, Eye safe, 1.54 µm


Up to 20 km


±5m rms

Color TV Sensor

¼” Color CCD

Color TV Field of View

Continuous Zoom from NFOV to WFOV

WFOV: 16.8⁰X12.6⁰

MFOV: 6⁰X4.5⁰

NFOV: 2⁰X1.5⁰

Electronic Zoom


Digital Magnetic Compass Accuracy

1⁰ rms

GPS Accuracy

15 rms

Weight (with Battery)

3.9 kg

Battery Life

≥4 hours


Operating Temperature

-30 ⁰C to +55 ⁰C

Storage Temperature

-40 ⁰C to +65 ⁰C

Environmental Specs

MIL – STD – 810 G

*All tolerances are within ±10%
**Specifications are subject to change without any notice