A510 Night Vision Binocular

A510 Night Vision Binocular

The A510 Night Vision Binocular offers a high resolution intensified Night Vision Image in a compact, lightweight and rugged design. It features a double tube and double eyepiece configuration but can be used as a monocular as well.
The A510 Night Vision Binocular can be operated using a single AA battery. Easy access to the battery compartment makes the battery replacement easy. Its ergonomically-located and easy-to-operate On/Off and IR switche delivers an ease of operation to the user. Textured focus and diopter adjustment rings provide hassle-free operation.
  • Night Time Surveillance
  • Night Patrol
  • Search and Rescure
  • Night Navigation and Site Protection

General Specifications

  • Single Monocular Use
  • Monocular flip-out shut off
  • Flip-up shut off (stow position)
  • Overlight protection
  • Built in IR illuminator
  • Adjustable Diopter
  • Single AA Battery Operated

Standard Accessories

  • Eyecup
  • Carrying Case
  • Transit Case
  • Optical Cleaning Kit
  • Objective Cover

Optional Accessories

  • Helmet Mount
  • Facemask
Technical Specifications




Field of View


Focus Range

45 cm

Interpupillary Distance Adjustment

52 – 72 mm

Weight (without battery)

520 g


Operating Temperature

-51°C to +51°C

Storage Temperature

-51°C to +65°C


1 m for 30 minutes


MIL – STD – 810

*All tolerances are within ±10%
**Specifications are subject to change without any notice